About Us - UK Bag Store


Late summer of 2019, the preparation for a family holiday and  one person also getting ready for return back to University led to a search for suitable bags, Starting with a search online and then visits to large department stores, the whole task took a long time to find suitable bags. It became clear that a central place was needed to cater for the many types of bags that people needed for different needs and occasions

From that point on ‘UKBagstore’ was born to supply to customers that appreciated a family run business that offered style and quality at affordable prices.

UKBagstore has a simple philosophy, we offer you good quality products at the right price.

We always negotiate the best prices around and pass these savings onto our customers. We aim to improve with every transaction and offer top quality customer service.

As a new business we are taking the greatest care with every order placed with us from start to finish. If you are not happy with anything then all you need to do is to contact us and we will aim to resolve the issue.

Without your support we are nothing, if you feel we can do anything to improve the shopping experience with us please let us know and feel free to contact us.

It’s always nice to hear from customers for positive or negative feedback so we can make things better.

Please email your query in the first instance to: sales@ukbagstore.co.uk